Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSA outrage leads to Cass Sunstein and nudge

All one has to do is look at Cass Sunstein and his nudge. His fingerprints are all over this. With TSA he can get many things changed by social engineering.
1. People stop flying and in turn ending the private American airline industry causing government to make it state owned via bailout.
2. By ending the airline industry they have got more control over the people than any carbon tax as they are to stupid to know that flying is destroying the planet.
3. Continue the de-industrialize of America. Not everyone in the world can get on an airplane and fly across the country relatively cheep so why should Americans have that privilege as flying is not a right so let end that unfair advantage.
4. By making people pay a Carbon tax to stop them from flying is not a viable nudge so let just inconvenience them with massive intrusive search of their person. Do it in the most embarrassing and violating way possible. Say it is all for safety but then don't scan the cargo.
5. Allow and encourage the press to use horror stories and propaganda to make people stop flying. Do not have politicians pushing this go thought the procedure themselves and have others say that they would not submit. Allow and encourage the people start a so-call boycotts of the TSA and punish the airline industry to end it.
6. Do not have a speech by Obama that calm the fears of the people. Do not have a photo op with Obama or other politicians going thought the scan and pat downs to show people how it is to be done. Keep the people in fear on how intrusive it is.
7. If and when the people push back make them an example by a huge fines that will make others who still want to fly just submit.
We are not dealing with people who love America just the way it is and only want mild changes to make it better. They are all Radical Revolutionaries Communist Marxists who know not just think that they are the betters of everyone else and as they are the betters, it is there responsibility to look after the stupid people who are to stupid to know what is good for them.