Sunday, January 13, 2008

If humans had control of the thermostat

If humans or Al had control of the worlds thermostat, what temperature would
they set it at?

If only certain places are good and others are bad. The Attic and Antarctica
are minus 100 C to lock all the ice and stop sea level rise but not start
sea level decline. There are no deserts any where. But no floods in the now
tropical death valley and Arabian Desert in Saudi. No snow anywhere south of
the Attic circle but, plenty of water in the rives fed by glaciers and
spring melt like the Mississippi but not too much water to cause floods.
Good Climate Change is unattainable and can not be manifested. What great
new enemy that is created by changing the name from AGW to ACC
(Anthropogenic Climate Change)


Most of these animals in the Bull and Horse riding events are treated like a member of the family to the breeder. Some are valued to replace are in the high 5 figures more than the price of a new car and even the love juices are in the high 4 figures for one time. The north American bulls treated much better than the Mexican and Spanish bull rings. Now that is a blood sport. the matador task is to stab stakes in the neck of the bull and see the blood run down. Most animal actives think that even eating meat is cruel and if they had their way they would ban all meat products. So to ask them is Rodeos are cruel you always get the same answer. I say that American rodeos are not Cruel. But that is just me