Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007


How would the world and MSM react if they have a open and free election and a Pro-Taliban, Pro-Qeada won and Musharruf had the ability to stop it yet he did not because the rule of democracy needed work. Just like Hamas when they win and then cut off because of who they voted for. What MSM has missed is that the courts have taken the line that radical Islam is not that bad and released terror suspects to then kill again in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Their savor of former PM with many more corruption charges than they would like to admit is given a free pass. What else could he do? Here is another analogy a judge releases a murder suspect because they killed someone from an defined minority group whom the judge sees as unworthy to live and even the prosecutor agrees because of the same reason and would not prosecute, should not the countries leader have a means to remove this judge and prosecutor. The problem is that this corruption is all over the judicial system in Pakistan and has been building over since the red mosque attack when the lines where draw. The judicial Brach has been taken over by radicals and the state of emergency was the only what to purge lets just hope it does not turn into something like the knight of the long knives by both sides