Thursday, July 26, 2007

Post on discrimination

I never set to say that NASCAR is/was no more racist than the rest of America if that is how I came across in agreement of D.K.Wilson I am sorry. It is the nature of the beast of any thing competitive. Just because it is based on where your great great great grandfather was born or who has the best car in a race it always creates hate or dislike, and hate leads to violence. And violence with no open target leads discrimination such as was displayed by the nut jobs at Phoenix and Talladega, who where the really toughing stuff at Jeff or just because the could. The North American mind set is that discrimination/racism will stop by just saying it will, by having more chairs with different people. Just tell them in the middle east to stop hate and racism, which is the root of all evil after living with it for generations. All the worlds problems start by being different and not accepting this difference. The world is not a IROC race and until then all you and me will have to live with the difference and with the people who do not.