Sunday, May 11, 2008

M & M sure got what they paid for

With Kyle's dominance this year Mars (M&M, Snickers and Pedigree) has got more air time than the last year on two cars. Does any one think if JJ Yeley would be up front in the new M&M Toyota, I think not. It's all of air time for their sponsors and being up front is the name of the game and not of being nice for who the "fans" would like to win. Most like the underdog but, they don't always come back to win.
TJ-excite (Trevor)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

New Tribute

When every I see something like this I always wonder which way it will turn out. This is the right way. It could have easly gone the other way to change GWB and OBL, but I think that those who would make something like this gif would not go all the way to actually do more than just talk about the contradictions that no mater who answers they will never be solved to all people satisfaction.


What would something look like when it was never seen before but, something similar happens all the time so they must be related.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


To me like I said in an other post is that they had a backup plan and did there home work. False plans and false trips. I have been thinking about this topic for awhile now and think the whole conspiracy the US government had any thing to do with it complete nonsense. That being typed does not mean that others in authority else where did not help. How I base this is on is how they can keep it secret for so long with out anyone passing the information to the media. Money is not the answer, even death is not the answer by killing everyone that knows. Someone would talk to someone who then talk to someone else. Just look at what happened to HRH Harry, the media could not keep it mouth shut to save his life. Even with telling the major media and keeping a blackout someone who heard something told someone else he was there. Then it was told to the little media and Drudge ect. How can they keep the lid on 9-11 for so long. With Harry it lasted 3 month not 7 years. Just think of all the scandals that have come out via the media. From Abu ghraib to Gitmo, Wire taps and Waterboarding ect all came from leaks. If there is a bigger scandal than 9-11, I don't know. Someone would pay big money for any paper trail evidence over circumstantial evidence via coincidence. If there was not a paper trail they could still deny the whole existence of Gitmo as a prison, the uses of waterboarding and anything eles that has not came out yet and deny a freedom of information request as that info is not there.

Like I said before Bush is as dumb as a box of rocks. If he and his handlers are as smart and powerful as they say why did they not plant WMD in Iraq along with tons of yellowcake and fully functional nukes over the sand that they did find. They did not even need to put anything there just say they found them. The whole war be different if they did this even with the objections before. If they could fabricate all the happen on that day in September why not fabricate WMD.

But that just me and my rant TJ-excite (Trevor)


I want to edit this post:

Long Live George W. Bush liberator of Million. My view of bush has change from this post, as did my view of this former group. Bush is why we have peace.

Monday, February 25, 2008

will not work

Monday, February 11, 2008

Speed IQ

GO Mickey, GO Joe, GO David. Now who next

Sunday, January 13, 2008

If humans had control of the thermostat

If humans or Al had control of the worlds thermostat, what temperature would
they set it at?

If only certain places are good and others are bad. The Attic and Antarctica
are minus 100 C to lock all the ice and stop sea level rise but not start
sea level decline. There are no deserts any where. But no floods in the now
tropical death valley and Arabian Desert in Saudi. No snow anywhere south of
the Attic circle but, plenty of water in the rives fed by glaciers and
spring melt like the Mississippi but not too much water to cause floods.
Good Climate Change is unattainable and can not be manifested. What great
new enemy that is created by changing the name from AGW to ACC
(Anthropogenic Climate Change)


Most of these animals in the Bull and Horse riding events are treated like a member of the family to the breeder. Some are valued to replace are in the high 5 figures more than the price of a new car and even the love juices are in the high 4 figures for one time. The north American bulls treated much better than the Mexican and Spanish bull rings. Now that is a blood sport. the matador task is to stab stakes in the neck of the bull and see the blood run down. Most animal actives think that even eating meat is cruel and if they had their way they would ban all meat products. So to ask them is Rodeos are cruel you always get the same answer. I say that American rodeos are not Cruel. But that is just me