Thursday, March 03, 2005

Daily Rant

topic is the BSE

being from canada and in the heart of cattle country I know all the hardship that farmers have gone thought. With the border still closes and how one judge in one county in one state can control the whole market of what can enter the country. What is the check and balance of this. I found out that this is the same judge that stop early efforts to close. Even the great pres can not open the border. The many reason is that is to protect the 3B that were canadian are now US. You have to wonder if the situation is reveresd that Japan have the courts stop sales.

peace out.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Post 2

For the last two hours I have tried my best to see how all this blog works. use less found there are no help that shows everything on how to set this up. Even trying to get a picture was tedious. I had to go to my yahoo ID but the pic URL was to big then I tried geocities and got it there. This blog is for those with webspace and access.

As I may not have the internet to much longer this may fall down in shame.


This is the first post of my blog. I had to see what this is all about and as it is seen in the media (CNN ) mostly that blogs rule the world but, as I see them they are just the old fation letters to the editor from the news paper ( that old media that when it comes to your home it is days old)

well that is my first rant of may

peace out