Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fatwa in Egypt

I had the felling that when I read about Egypt killing all pig with the false impression that it was to stop the "swine flu", all it was is a fatwa against pigs. The fact that there where any pigs in Egypt and where not all killed long ago is to me odd. one would think a pig in any Muslim country has the life expectancy of (whale in Japanese waters),(fart in the wind)

Egyptian fatwa: "The pigs living today are descended from those Jews, and that is why Allah forbade us to eat them"

"In addition, one of the things that Jesus will do when he returns to earth on Judgment Day is kill all the pigs, and that is proof that they are descended from Jews. All the pigs on earth will be destroyed by Jesus on Judgment Day." He won't have to do so in Egypt as the government has already begun the process. More on this story. "Egyptian Religious Endowments Ministry Official: The Pigs Living Today Are Descended from Jews – And Must Be Slaughtered," from MEMRI, May 15:

....h/t Jihad Watch

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