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Saturday, June 02, 2012



What if God is not limited by time. He is omnipresent in that not only
is he everywhere he is also at every moment of time. And is not limited
to liner time as what has happened can not be undone. He would be able
to create something and then see it go from a carbon, hydrogen and
oxygen atoms to a spaceship at the same time. Then he can change
something on the sub atomic level a millions years ago that changed the
fabric of the universe so that it rained on May 1 in NYC. And those in
the present will not see the change but it was planned millions of years
ago though divine provenance.

It does not go into predestination as he wants free will and knows the
outcome of things before it happens and will not do things that remove
free will out or at least the illusion of choose. He knows how the
baseball game is played before the evolution of grass and has made that
happen one atom at a time million years ago or a second ago.

At least that is how it is to me and taken more from the Matrix and Star
Trek than the bible.


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Saturday, December 17, 2011

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

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I am trying to get the bog hosted on  but look harder that it should be.

Monday, September 12, 2011

HPV comment

No one can opt out of iodine salt. Way back in time they found that iodine stops thyroid goiter so they as in the government mandated that all salt for consumption have iodine in it. Under the standard that MB and other take, Iodine should be out of all salt with all in processed food out as well. Have it placed on the shelf in two forms ionized salt or non-iodine salt then you can opt in for iodine to be a vaccine and prevent thyroid goiter.
If they could say in 80 years what was cancer the same way they say what is a thyroid goiter, would they still object. If this vaccine could be placed in a common food then give to people over a life time from birth will they still object as well for some reason.
Is the one sticking point is that it is a sexual transmitted virus and even if woman does not have it they can get it from sexual encounter and giving it at 12 mean that they are now ready for sex, that would be petty. When the Aids vaccine is discovered and is best for a life time protection to give at age 2 under this standard people will still have aids because of the sexual nature and it is not appropriate to give to 2 year old which would mean they are ready for sex or something.
Any rule that the government makes mandatory is just too big of a government, but there are some things that the governments does that the people should be willing to get it without the force. A vaccine of any type (MMR, flu, bird flu , pig flu, Hepatitis, yellow fever, or HPV ect) is one of them.